Product development and technology professional services with application to industrial, commercial, planning, management and information processing.

Professional Team

Professional Team

The staff of Sierra Technology Group is comprised of professionals with academic training and experience necessary to produce technical solutions to various areas as part of a standardized methodology for project management.

We have engineers in electronics, information systems engineers, mechanical engineers, programmers specialized in different technologies, graphic designers and auxiliary staff adequately qualified and trained in various areas, forming a multidisciplinary professional team.

The permanent facility is completed with an entrenched group of national and international suppliers covering needs such as automated production and assembly of electronic components, construction of mechanical components and training in areas of technology, among others.

We know that many industrial sectors require technical solutions to meet individual and specific requirements of each company. Solutions that should solve both simple and complex problems, which may require the mastery of several disciplines that must be carefully integrated.

We work teams trained, experienced and motivated to create products and services that our customers are looking for. We are committed to providing our customers with the expected quality and outstanding professional care.