Product development and technology professional services with application to industrial, commercial, planning, management and information processing.


Our Mision

The activity of our company, Sierra Technology Group SA, is the development, production, distribution and marketing of technology products and services applied to industrial, commercial, planning, management and information processing

Our mission is to provide appropriate technology solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Sometimes these solutions are simple equipment applications or existing systems. Sometimes survey and research is required to determine the set of needs and the subsequent creation of cost-effective solutions that enable our customers to achieve the desired result.

Aware that our customers use their products for their business, we provide world-class professional tools only.

For the development of technological solutions we have a staff of consultants, analysts, engineers, programmers and highly trained technicians to create products and services that require knowledge of various disciplines.

Sierra Technology Group, Professional Technology Solutions

Our Activity

Consulting Service
Technical Advisory
Functional Analysis, Solution Design
Systems, Software
Custom Software Development
Loading and Data Processing
Systems Integration
Web platforms, Windows, iOS, Android
Equipment, Infrastructure
Development of Equipment
Control and Monitoring Systems
Process Automation
Associated Services
Infrastructure Maintenance
Update and Support
Training and Documentation