Product development and technology professional services with application to industrial, commercial, planning, management and information processing.

Our Services

That's what we do / offer?

Development in technology applied to various industrial and commercial activities.

Development in technology applied to various industrial activities and formed a team with trained professionals in different areas of technology. We are in the best position to carry out projects that require the integration of various disciplines, among which are: industrial design, digital electronics, control, controller programming, software programming and systems for different platforms, communications, internet and various mechanical specialties.

How we do it?

Products lines:

This is when we detect a need for certain specific items or activity, or just want to participate in a business where we can leverage new knowledge acquired, our experience and talent and our competitive advantages in the development of technology products, and started a new project, under our own specifications and considering market standards.

Development Offer:

This is when our company has accumulated experience in a particular field and can offer products and services that fit the needs of any sector. Our specialists are close to those companies that could benefit from using the technology we have, and work interactively to find the solution that best suits the business possibilities.

On Application Development:

This is when a client has a specific need to be addressed through technological tools. Usually, but not always, the client understands exactly what must be done. We study the case and offer some alternative resolution. Frequently Sometimes we engage technically with some sector of the client's company. The result can be either a team or isolated system, a change in any existing or new product integration and existing systems.

The client appoints a coordinator to advise on specific requirements, the availability of information and coordination of resources that will be needed for the project.

It is important for the proper implementation of development have the assignment of a project coordinator for the company, who will be responsible for providing logistical, technical and human resources to ensure compliance with the commitments defined by the parties. Also define an internal working group to carry out business processes, technical and end user training involving migration and implementation.

Along with the formal handover of the solution offered, it provides the necessary training to sectors that must use the same.

What are the solutions we offer?

Team Development

The Team Development Division is responsible for each stage of the life cycle of the equipment that designs, develops and produces the company. Includes activities beginning with the initial survey, definition of final specifications of product, process and maintenance, design and testing, commissioning and production of technical documentation preparation thereof.

Software Development

The activities of design, implementation and programming, documentation, laboratory and field test projects in the area of computer science, are performed by the Software Development Division.

The division has specialist areas such as database technology, computational geometry and calculus, advanced graphics and 3D modeling, communications, connectivity and security applied to software, among others.

Systems Development

The Systems Division is devoted to developments in the IT (information technology), providing solutions for industry, communications and information.

Taking advantage of the resources available for development in the different divisions of the company, Sierra has the ability to carry out projects that combine equipment developed to measure specific software and communications complex producing truly integrated solutions.


The services offered are of a very broad spectrum, including counseling, consulting, design, engineering, production / assembly, installation, programming, training, documentation, technical support, maintenance of technical infrastructure and systems, data loading, slip data, system migrations, scanning, etc..

According to the type of services, we have the professional staff needed to carry out such activity.