Product development and technology professional services with application to industrial, commercial, planning, management and information processing.

Work Methodology


Consulting for developing custom technology solutions on request, according to the needs of our customers.

From the infrastructure that our customers have, acquiring knowledge about their operations, listening to their needs and finding opportunities for improvement and / or systematizing processes; guide and advise our customers for making technology decisions


Analysis of existing infrastructure, programs in use, the processes that take place and circuits (workflow) as they are made ??so far.

If development to make relates to the creation of new products or services unrelated to existing infrastructure and processes, we assist the client list of the features needed for the project.


Assess the benefits and risks of maintaining legacy systems (pre-existing) compared with the development of improvements on them or creating new systems and their migration.

Our professional analysts with expertise help identify requirements and develop functional specifications list to systematize the processes to achieve their objectives.


What are the functional changes and new features that will be made? This is where the stages of consulting (needs to know), survey (set point), assessment and analysis (identify requirements and opportunities) are embodied in the technological solution specifications to be developed to meet the objectives aspirates.

As presented such benefits? A design of the user interface will enhance the experience of successful users. The quality of the developed solution is not only determined by the fulfillment of the objectives associated with information, but also the usability of the application created. Customers also involved in designing a user interface focused on the ease and convenience of use.


Once made ??the design and specifications is the turn of sizing and quantify the value of developing the product or service, and all stages of the project. Refers to quantify the time and cost estimation.

If the project requires research or basic development, and the development of the application itself, be used for both higher margins and time estimates for their costs, given the uncertainties in lesser known areas.

Our experience in developing solutions (equipment, software, services) is the reason we can offer your project on time and under budget.

When the project will require permits and we can deliver reports of project progress, or even partial deliveries of the same. Although partial delivery or reports developments represent a major cost for the project, it may be necessary particularly when the project should be a part of a larger project and / or executed parts must be coordinated with other companies.


Our professionals trained in the disciplines to be applied in the development of the proposed technological solution performs all relevant activities according to your specification.

Most of this activity will be conducted in the laboratory of development of our company, where the team will be coordinated by the project manager and product manager.

When appropriate, our staff will work with the client's personal and / or customer premises interacting with it.


Preparation of technical documents for the development project.

Surrender the number, types, formats and content of the technical documentation of the project according to what the client requests.

Except that is reduced or enlarged the list of deliverables, provided the user manual and technical manual for the equipment and the applications developed.


Laboratory testing to evaluate the code works, verify compliance with specifications and also gain valuable information from users before applications are deployed for normal use.


Installation, modification and / or equipment configuration application support.

Implementation of the systems developed in the corresponding servers or terminals.


Training in the use of applications to users administrators, operators and / or customers as appropriate.


We can provide a maintenance service of equipment and applications according to their requirements, so that they can remain operating systems running on the fewest possible cuts or interruptions.

Sometimes, when possible implementation and sets the appropriate permissions, usually monitor their systems and perform maintenance that may be needed by accessing remotely.


Answers to queries about the use of the applications: access to systems by users, domain of application operation, steps or procedures for performing specific tasks.

Log errors existing systems or failure to properly perform the required functions. To survey and document requests for improvements in both applications as well as in the available documentation.


Migrating data between different applications, or from legacy systems.

Process automation system load. Scanning and data load.


The business of our clients is constantly evolving. The application requirements are changing over time, not only because of technological obsolescence or changes in infrastructure but because the needs of our customers also change.

Once an application is built, you may have a trusted professional team to meet requests for new features and keep up with the state of the art technology.