Product development and technology professional services with application to industrial, commercial, planning, management and information processing.

Our History

Our History

The year 1988 marks the beginning of our business, initially Sierra SRL, which later became Sierra Technology Group SA. It is founded by a group of engineers who have accumulated experience in the design and development of electronic equipment and systems at leading companies, decided to start a joint project, the first activity would be defined as "technology solutions for the industry."

Unlike other areas of industry demand for higher quality products because the use of these tools must be efficient and continuous. This challenge has motivated us since then, having created professional solutions for various items that are being used in many countries today.

Among the first works we have done on demand, we can mention equipment and control systems made for Coca-Cola, control panels for agricultural machinery, textile automation equipment, control electronics programmable sewing machine, textile design software, systems management, etc..

Later, in addition to product development demand, we have designed and are producing several lines of equipment, including these: laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, systems design (CAD) for the textile industry, the organization systems production, interface devices and electronic communications equipment and systems, etc..

We have included information on some of the products and services developed in the "Projects" section of this website.

The quality and the prestige acquired have been increasing over the course of the years, and today thousands of professional users in over 50 countries are using our products and services.

Throughout our history we have earned the respect and recognition for our contribution to innovation, the quality of our products and the practice of our staff. Every day we try to reaffirm our commitment to the same values that have allowed us to grow and excel in our business.