Product development and technology professional services with application to industrial, commercial, planning, management and information processing.

Want to work in Sierra Technology Group?

We are constantly looking for qualified professionals to join our teams for both our campus development, production and sales.

If you have the knowledge and experience required for the position applied for, you're responsible, you have ability to work in teams, you're creative and entrepreneurial talents or skills you have that allow you to develop yourself and grow with us in a pleasant working environment, please send your CV so we can meet you and arrange an interview or to contact you.

The CV should include all work history. It is essential that they are many, but they must be complete and accurate. We know that you have knowledge that you have experience, and what are your personal and professional interests.

The development of world-class technology solutions is not just our business, it is our vocation and passion. If you feel the same and you have wanted to know more people of this type, hacénoslo know today. We discuss different ways of working and hiring.

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